The benefits of an LTR trunking system

Building and establishing your own repeater system is a time-consuming and costly project. Furthermore, they require an FCC license. Our digital trunking system's coverage is far greater than a typical repeater, and there is no need for you to file for an FCC license (you'll already be covered)!


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Exceptional coverage

Our system provides coverage over 5 counties and beyond.

What types of companies are on your system now?

Typically our main industry users are School Districts, Medical Transport, Hospitals, Landscaping, Plowing, General Contractors, Towing, Delivery, Rental Companies, Concrete and Disposal. Anyone who has vehicles on the road can benefit from two way radios.


Is there a contract?

No, there is never a contract and you may cancel service at any time without penalty.


How do I get started?

Please contact us for information and pricing. 

All the Users You Need

There is room for all of your employees; you can have from 2 to unlimited users on private channels allows you to stay in control of your job at all times.