KENWOOD Viking® Radios

KENWOOD Viking radios combine Viking P25 software expertise and KENWOOD’s recognized hardware quality and reliability. Viking radios are used throughout the world by police, fire, paramedics, military and homeland security personnel. We make safe, simple.

Why KENWOOD Viking Radios?

TrueVoice™ Noise Cancellation

TrueVoice™ is the most advanced noise cancellation technology for portable and mobile radios. It eliminates the need to program noise profiles, and works with any accessory.

Perpetual Software Licensing

Save as much as 30% on your next hardware platform when you transfer your perpetual software licenses & manage your licenses easily with the Vault™ - our free cloud-based tool.

Armada® Fleet Management

Quickly and easily maintain your fleet of radios with Armada® Fleet and Elite Battery Management software.

Protect Your Team with FIRESafe® Software

When the mission is critical, no one has time for complexities. Viking FIRESafe Software enhances communication awareness in a dynamic fire scene environment, allowing firefighters to focus on the mission at hand.

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