Radio Repair

Rochester Two-Way Radio Repair

We have our own factory-trained staff of experienced service professionals who are committed to keeping your system performing at peak efficiency. We utilize the latest test equipment and maintain an extensive inventory of factory original parts.

We can service just about any make or model radio. Other types of equipment we service are:

  • Repeaters
  • Power Amplifiers
  • Consoles
  • Dispatch Centers
  • Power Supplies
  • Remotes
  • Troubleshoot antennas, cables, and more.

There is a $40 minimum diagnostic charge. We will travel to you, or you may bring your equipment here. We also offer assistance with FCC licensing, whether it be renewals or modifications. If your repeater goes down and you are without communications, we have a 24-hour a-day on-call service. Many applications for two-way radios are not plug-and-play; for a custom solution, please contact us. Please see a few examples of our custom jobs:

  • Shop Service: $70/hour – analog
  • Shop Service: $85/ hour – digital
  • Vehicle Service: $70/hour
  • Travel: $70/hour
  • Field Service: $70/hour
  • Fleet Service: $70/hour
  • Wait Time: $55.00/hour
  • Tower Work $155/hour
  • Analog Programming: $25 per unit up to 16 channels for analog. For more than ten units, please call for discounted pricing.
  • Digital Programming: $25+ per unit. Please call for a detailed quote, does not include P25.
  • Light bar/Siren Install: Please call for a detailed quote.
  • GPS Install: $65.00
  • Front Mount Install: Starts at $70.00
  • Rear Mount Install: Starts at $115.00
  • Radio Removal: Starts at $60.00

We Offer 24 Hour On-Call Service!

System Management

A do-it-yourself strategy doesn’t always make sense when you’re trying to balance the many demands on your time, budget, and people. Managing a wireless network is a big job, but it doesn’t have to be your job. Why not let us help? We provide the technical expertise, you get the peace of mind.

FCC Licensing

Rochester NY FCC Licensing

We will be glad to help you with all FCC Licensing requirements. We’ve been managing licenses like yours for many years. We can take care of all your FCC Licensing, even if you didn’t purchase your radios through us.

Two-way Radio Rentals

Rochester NY Two-way Radio Rentals

Looking to rent two-way radios/walkie-talkies for your next event? Licciardi Radio Services has you covered. We provide analog and digital two-way radios for short-term or long-term rentals. Our two-way radio rentals are ideal for: Construction jobs, Sporting Events, Concerts, Special Events, Private Security, Conventions and Trade Shows, and Holiday and seasonal Workers,.

Vehicle Upfitting

Rochester NY Vehicle Upfitting

We provide vehicle upfitting services to police departments, fire departments, government agencies, and public works in the Rochester area. Our services include the installation of light bars, sirens, controllers, scanners & two-way radios

Free Battery Recycling

Free Battery Recycling

We’ve partnered with Call2Recycle for battery recycling at no charge to our customers. See below for the types of batteries we accept.

Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable batteries are commonly found in cordless power tools, cordless phones, laptops, cellphones, cameras, two-way radios, biomedical equipment, etc.


Cellphones and their batteries are one of the easiest electronics to recycle. They can be refurbished for resale or recycled and the materials used in new products.


Single-Use Batteries*

Single-use batteries are not reusable when they lose their charge. They are commonly found in remote controls, car keyless entry remotes, watches, pacemakers, hearing aids, memory backup fire alarm devices, toys, etc.

Wide Area Coverage

Rochester, New York Two-Way Radio Coverage

Building and establishing your own repeater system is a time-consuming and costly project. Furthermore, they require an FCC license. Our digital trunking system’s coverage is far greater than a typical repeater, and there is no need for you to file for an FCC license you’ll already be covered under ours. 

It’s easy to get started – Contact us today to learn more.

We Offer Exceptional Coverage

Our system provides coverage over six counties and beyond. We offer wide-area two-way radio coverage in Rochester and Monroe County. We also provide coverage into Wayne County, Ontario County, Livingston County, Orleans County, and Genesee County.

All the Users You Need

There is room for all of your employees; whether it’s 2 or 2,000 users, your private channel allows you to stay in control of your job at all times.

What types of companies are on your system now?

Typically our main industry users are School Districts, Medical Transport, Hospitals, Landscaping, Plowing, General Contractors, Towing, Delivery, Rental Companies, Concrete, and Disposal. Anyone who has vehicles on the road can benefit from two-way radios.

We have cell phones, why would we get radios?

Cell phones have become the standard in doing business, we do not compete with cell phones. In NYS it’s illegal to hold a cell phone to your ear while driving according NYS cell phone law VTL Section I225-c . It is legal to use a microphone. Radios deliver information to all of your team at once and immediately allowing your foreman or supervisors to handle operations while you handle other parts of your business. There’s no call waiting or voicemails. 2-way radios save time and time is money.

Is there a contract?

No, there is never a contract and you may cancel service at any time without penalty.

Can I rent or lease the units or do I have to spend all my money upfront?

We offer a variety of solutions to make your vision a reality. Contact us today.

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