Elemec3 IP Access Panel – IPAP

GAI-TRONICS’ IP Access Panel (IPAP) is a Windows® 10 based application for E3 which can be loaded onto any Windows® 10 pc, all in one or tablet, or purchased pre-loaded onto a range of environment suitable devices. Designed to provide high level Elemec3™ Network system access, IPAP can also be augmented by the deployment of local access panels and or seamless integration of GAI-TRONICS’ SP2 IP intercom stations.


  • Download the Elemec3 IP Access Panel App for Free!
  • Compatible with Windows10® pc & tablets
  • Connect to multiple systems from a single device
  • Security coded prioritized access
  • Single, N+1 and A/B architectures supported
  • Pre-loaded or download application
  • Shared application, does not require a dedicated device
  • Unlimited pages & buttons
  • Prioritized paging and alarm access
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