Icom FR5000 / FR6000

Stable, Flexible, and High-Performing Repeater

The IDAS FR5000 series repeaters are equipped with plenty of power and functions for any task. The 6.25 khz spacing per channel significantly improves the audio quality. Digital/analog mixed-mode operation allows users to migrate at their own pace, and the network interface option can expand communications while saving time.

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Product Overview

Output Power: 50W (50% Duty Cycle)
Frequencies: 136-174 VHF / 400-470, 450-512 UHF
Channels: 32
Height: 2U
Digital Conventional: IDAS built-in
Digital Trunking: Optional boards


Trunking & Network Controller Board Options

The FR5000 offers multiple configurations when adding the UC-FR5300 trunking and network controller board. These configurations are ideal for industries such as education, healthcare, hospitality, transportation and logistics, utilities, construction, oil, and mining.

Single Site Trunking

Installing and programming a UC Board into the FR5000 repeater can transform the FR5000 from a conventional repeater into a trunked repeater system for a single site. Any IDAS subscriber digital radios are ready to operate on conventional or trunked digital radios for easy configuration choice. Single Site Trunking is ideal for a large area of operation with multiple groups and users.

Multisite Conventional Systems

Inserting the CF-FR5000 02 card into the UC board, the UC and repeaters increase their capabilities to include multisite conventional operation. Multisite conventional systems connect conventional repeaters using an IP network to merge geographically distributed repeaters and operate them as one or allow UHF and VHF repeaters to share traffic in a crossover configuration. This is ideal for operations that can merge multiple talk sites into one. Industries such as construction, mining, education, transportation, and logistics would benefit.

Multisite Conventional conventional systems are possible with IDAS LINQ. Choose from four configurations: LINQREPEAT, LINQREPEAT+, LINQVOTE, and LINQVOTE+.

Multisite Conventional Voting

The UC and CF-FR5000 02 card in a repeater can be configured to a voting receiver, which is best for radios that cannot reach transmitters in poor coverage areas. Once a signal is received at the voter, it is then transferred via IP to the repeater, which then transmits the strongest signal. Voting allows the extension of indoor or underground communication, which would benefit industries such as education, healthcare, and hospitality.


The FR5000 can be built to a 48-site, 30 channels per-site trunked system that are linked via IP. Users have the ability to roam between sites and the administration of users into fleets of users. To unlock these capabilities, install the variant CF-FR5000MT card onto the UC slot. This is ideal for operations with multiple talk sites and fleets, such as construction, mining, education, transportation, and logistics.

Digital/analog Mixed Mode Operation

The FR5000 series can receive both analog and digital signals on a single channel. You can partially introduce the IDAS system while using the existing analog radios in a system. The IDAS system allows you to scale migration to narrow-band digital at your own pace and need.

Network Interface

Remotely maintain the IDAS repeater with the RS-MGR1 System Manager when connected to a PC on a LAN or internet connection via Ethernet. The network interface offers features such as health/performance metrics and wide area network tracking.

The RC-FS10 Remote Communicator functions as an IP-based virtual radio and dispatch.

Two RF Channel Modules in One Unit

Install two RF modules * in a chassis to reduce installation space. The RF modules can be programmed and operated independently. LEDs on the front panel show both channel conditions.
* Optional UR-FR5000/UR-FR6000 required.

Multiple CTCSS, DTCS Tone, and RAN Code Decode

The FR5000 series decodes multiple CTCSS and DTCS as well as digital RAN (Radio Access Number) codes on a per-channel basis (up to 16 tones/codes) and downlinks the received signal with a specified tone/code. This function is useful for sharing a channel with multiple groups and provides quiet stand-by while using other groups.

D-SUB 25-pin Accessory Connector

The FR5000 series has a programmable D-SUB 25-pin accessory connector for connecting various trunking controllers or external remote control devices. Also, modulation/ demodulation signals can be input/ output from the D-SUB connector.

Voice Scrambler

The built-in inversion type * voice scrambler provides secure conversation as standard. When a more secure system is required, the 32-coded non-rolling type voice scrambler UT-109R* and 1020 code rolling type UT-110R* are available as an option. In IDAS digital mode, a 15-bit encryption key provides over 32,000 scrambling codes.

* These voice scramblers (inversion type, UT-109R and UT-110R) are available with analog mode only.

Additional Features

  • PTT priority setting (Local Mic., external PTT or repeater operation)
  • Built-in inversion type voice scrambler and optional voice scrambler UT-109R or UT-110R*
  • 5-Tone and DTMF encoder/decoder* and CW ID transmitter
  • Normal and priority scan
  • Built-in audio compander improves the signal-to-noise ratio and provides clear audio
  • Beat cancel capability
  • Low voltage alert*
  • Quick and easy programming from a PC

* For analog mode only

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