Speaker Amplifier Assemblies (VoIP)

The VoIP Speaker Amplifier Assemblies enable broadcasting to personnel throughout a facility or area over an existing VoIP network via an external speaker(s) or connection to a central amplifier speaker system.


  • Wired
  • One-way broadcasting from IP network
  • Weatherproof enclosure
  • Direct 120/240 VAC input power or PoE
  • 30-watt speaker amplifier (into an 8-ohm speaker load) 10370-x01 series with 120/240 VAC input
  • 24-watt, 70.7V or 100V audio output, 10370-x02 series with 120/240 VAC input
  • 600-ohm audio output
  • Two programmable dry contact closure outputs
  • SIP compatible (RFC3261)
  • Real-time alarm reporting via email, Syslog, or TMA software
  • Configurable via web page, serial link or download
  • Multicast capability, up to eight addresses
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