Icom X-Band Air

Bridging the Gap Between Air and Land

Crossband Repeater – VHF or UHF + Air Band

Communication just got easier with Icom’s X-Band Air repeater. The X-Band Air provides seamless inter-band communications between VHF or UHF frequencies and air band frequencies. This provides interoperability between ground crew and air crew for forestry, hospitals and oil rigs. The repeater provides full VFO capability in one box.


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Product Overview

Output Power: 50W (VHF); 45W (UHF); 36W (air band)

  • 136-174MHz (VHF)
  • 400-470 or 450-512MHz (UHF)
  • 118.00-136.992MHz (air band)


  • Air band + VHF
  • Air band + UHF 400-470MHz
  • Air band + UHF 450-512MHz


Configurable to 120V or 220V AC input

No need to worry if there is a power failure. The X-Band Air can switch over to customer-supplied 12 volt DC battery backup if AC power fails.

Frequency Flexibility/Alpha Tag Channels

  • VHF & UHF
    • 128 channels with 8 memory banks
    • 8 character alphanumeric display
  • Air Band
    • 200 channels with 12 character channel names
    • Alphanumeric characters and icons

Other Features

  • 19″ industry-standard rack
  • Automatic battery backup charging system
  • Internal controller with programmable hang timer
  • Use as a dual base unit
  • DB-25 accessory connector with EPTT, COR, DISC, EMOD and SFO for each radio
  • Built-in AC EMI filter


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